Welcome to the Darwin Day Roadshow!

The Darwin Day Roadshow is a way for scientists and educators to share their enthusiasm for evolutionary science with students, teachers and the general public. The Roadshow has traditionally taken place across the United States in the spring each year, to celebrate Charles Darwin’s birthday (February 12th).

ER54YeeX0AcpRNOAlma Solis visits an elementary school class in the 2020 Darwin Day Roadshow.

Applications for the 2023 Darwin Day Roadshow are now being accepted! If you are a teacher interested in participating in the Roadshow, apply here by Monday, December 5, 2022. If you are a scientist interested in participating in the Roadshow, fill out this interest form by Monday, November 14, 2022.

GrebeEven virtual visits can be exciting! Nick Grebe and Danae Diaz gave tours of their labs and research as part of the 2021 Darwin Day Roadshow.

The Darwin Day Roadshow is sponsored by the Triangle Center for Evolutionary Medicine (TriCEM).

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